Who I am!!!!!

My name is Carissa Crippen, I'm a Florida native but my husband and I have been living in Rochester, NY since April 2010. I graduated in May of  2008 from the River Bible Institute in Tampa, FL (Revival.com/RBI) and married my husband Randy in December 2008. I have a strong hunger and desire to God's power flowing through people's life and believe He told me to use this blog as the first step into ministering to people through the power of restoration that He has given me! I am young but I have been through some tough things that almost took me out completely, things I dealt with in my family and marriage, BUT GOD! Through God breaking me open and restoring the years the locust have eaten up (Joel 2:25) I am able to minister the love and power of God to those who need restoration in their hearts! I had gone to counseling and searched everywhere for something to heal me from inside and it wasn't until I let go and let God grab ahold of my heart that in moments He healed up years of pain and depression! The prayer of my heart is that this blog is just the beginning of not only what He is going to do through me but that the same God will come to your homes and touch your heart! Thank you for reading my blog and always feel free to contact me!