Monday, October 10, 2011

My Love Song!!!!

How beautiful are you oh God, as I gaze upon your face the things of this world fade away! How magnetic our your words, you speak and it's draws me closer! My heart has found no greater faithfulness, that even as I sleep you are watching over your promises to me. Oh God how is it that you look at me with grace and do not see a sinner but a saint, that you know the very fabric of my making! Lord no one else can see who I am without knowing all my stains and cracks but through your eyes I'm made whole! Holy is your name oh God and lovely are your thoughts. The world may seek to destroy me but you reach out to save! You are the mirror of this life, every lie You know the truth, every doubt You give us faith, every chain that would hold us down You have set us free!!!!! Mere words can never express how deep my love for you Father, to know you and be known by you! The heart can never fully describe who you are and what you do but in my spirit I see the truth! You are life  to the dead, You are hope to the faint, You are beauty in the ashes, You are EVERYTHING!!!!