Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Cry for More

2 Chronicles 16:9 Tells us that God is searching for those whose hearts are fully committed and focused on Him and those who aren't completely committed are fools and will be in constant struggle. I believe God is calling us to do that today! Who will the Lord find when He looks, who will stand up in the midst of the crowd and say here I am Lord send me? The cry in my heart right now is that the world would not only know Jesus but that the saints of God would have a cry in their hearts, "Lord, use me, whatever it takes, whatever you need to do in me, I will allow! Mold me, change me, send me to my neighbors, send me to my
city, send me to my state!" I know the other day when the Lord awakened my heart for Him and His
plans, immediately doubt came and reminded me that I am not a bible scholar! lol I laugh because the devil is such a liar! Acts 4:13 people marveled at the things that were happening through Peter and John because they saw that they didn't go to seminary or bible college, but that they had been with Jesus!!!!! 

Now I'm all for bible school and educating yourself but my point is when God places things are your heart, you can do it no matter what your educational background because you have been with Jesus! That is the only credentials that you need, nothing else matters, if you've been with Jesus! I know that right now God has placed Rochester, NY on my heart and I know that in each and everyone of us He has a city or state in their hearts! Ask God today, say, "Lord, I desire to do whatever it is you want me to do. I want your heart to be my heart, what you desire I want to desire. Father show me the plans and purposes you have created me for, where do I belong in your family? Lord I thank you no matter what has stopped in the past or what my background, that I am qualified to do what you have called me to do because through Jesus I am made

I am so excited to see what God is going to do through people who are hungry and thirsty for more of God! More of God in their homes, more of Him in their churches, more of God in their schools, in their neighborhoods! But in that hunger going out and making it happen! God has not called anyone to be a bench warmer, but He said, "GO!!!!!" (Mark 16:15) Where is your heart pulling you? Do it ask and GO! I know that if we as christians rise up and seek God with our hearts and separate ourselves from the things of this world and ask God for the nations, and do our part of not just praying but reaching out, we will see God move on the earth and resurrect hearts!
God, I pray that everyone that reads this would begin to hunger and thirst not only for more of you God but for your heartbeat, which is people and your fire to burn out those things in us that would stop us from reaching our friends and family and the nations! Show us Father where you have placed us! I pray for finances to be released to reach the lost, for business ideas, witty inventions. Increase in every area, I bind the spirit of fear and religion and I speak Godly wisdom into every heart right now! 

In Jesus mighty name, Amen!

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  1. Carissa,
    Thank you for following me...I am glad you did as I have been introduced to your blog which reveals a glimpse of your passion for what God is passionate for...and that is people! God bless you as you write, and as you write may the readers experience broken hearts becoming bound in His glorious love, captives released into the captivating love of God! God bless you Carissa...Check out my book blog:
    You are lovely :)