Thursday, September 29, 2011

Are you dating God or married to Him?

I am reminded this morning about a sermon I saw by Jessie Duplantis "Close Encounters of the God Kind", the funny thing to me is that out of allthe powerful things he shared, even him going to heaven,the very thing that hit my heart hard is the story he tells of walking into his study, sitting down and he is about to pray realizes something is not right! So he starts to pray and the Lord is ministering to him and him to the Lord and he stops and says, "Lord, something is wrong and it's not with me, Lord, did someone hurt you today? You're not acting like you normally act." The spirit of the Lord answered him and said, "Jessie, you really know me! My children have disobeyed me!" Now that last phrase is a message in itself, but I want to focus on the fact that he knew the Lord well enough to sense He was hurting. He goes on to say he cancelled all his appointments for that day and just worshipped and praised him until he knew things were better! Wow!I said to the Lord after hearing this, "God, I want to know you like this, not just come pray and sing and all that stuff because I know it what I'm suppose to do. I want to know every part of you as a lover knows their love!"


My question to you how well do you know the Father? Are you just in a dating relationship were you visit Him when you can and are in the "just getting to know" stage, but not really ready for the full commitment? I feel like God is calling us to a deeper level with Him. He designed us for intimacy with Him, you break down this word and it's "in to me see". The dictionary says, it's a close association with or detailed knowledge or deep understanding of whatever it is. What does being saved mean to you, is it just a knowing of going to Heaven, or do you really know what it is to be saved? It's not just about God sending His Son to die and rise and come again! It's more than an action of Him doing this! God in His deep affection and  love for all mankind sent the most precious thing He had, that He knew only through this sacrifice we could be in Him and Him in us! Hebrews 10 talks about how powerful this sacrifice was, that it only needed to happen once and all we have to do is recieve it.

When we understand the extent of what God actually did for us to be with us, your life will change. Those things that you used to love to do or people you used to hang out with will start to my you almost sick.I don't know about you but I don't even desire to sin, and the very thought of something that I could do to break God's heart, breaks my heart, not because I'm perfect but because I don't want to break God's heart I long to be closer and closer to Him everyday. 2 Timothy 2:22 talks about fleeing from the evil desires of our youth, now the youth here is the youth of our Christian walk not our physical age! When we accept Christ we are like a baby (born again) and grow from there! He is saying those things you may have still done in the youth stages of your recreation, flee from, you know better now!


Now this portion here is going to require crowd participation lol, : Close your eyes and turn off your mind, completely shut your mind off, forget about those things going on around you, the worries of your day or week and focus on Jesus right now! Just give him some time to love on you and reveal to you the extent of His mercy and love towards you! Stop dating Him except the ring of the Holy Spirit he has for you and fall head over heels and began to really get to know Him intimately. Who is Jesus, who is God the Father, who is the Holy Spirit? What makes God cry, what makes Him happy, and when you begin to dive deeper into God nothing else will matter!


That last statement I know if you are like me, you shutter at the thought of things not mattering because you want everything perfect all the time lol, but they will never be perfect and once you realize that spending time with the Lord is all that will matter in the end, your heart will be changed!
I pray this post has blessed you and helped you today! May the Lord bless and keep you and make His face shine upon you and give you PEACE!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Cry for More

2 Chronicles 16:9 Tells us that God is searching for those whose hearts are fully committed and focused on Him and those who aren't completely committed are fools and will be in constant struggle. I believe God is calling us to do that today! Who will the Lord find when He looks, who will stand up in the midst of the crowd and say here I am Lord send me? The cry in my heart right now is that the world would not only know Jesus but that the saints of God would have a cry in their hearts, "Lord, use me, whatever it takes, whatever you need to do in me, I will allow! Mold me, change me, send me to my neighbors, send me to my
city, send me to my state!" I know the other day when the Lord awakened my heart for Him and His
plans, immediately doubt came and reminded me that I am not a bible scholar! lol I laugh because the devil is such a liar! Acts 4:13 people marveled at the things that were happening through Peter and John because they saw that they didn't go to seminary or bible college, but that they had been with Jesus!!!!! 

Now I'm all for bible school and educating yourself but my point is when God places things are your heart, you can do it no matter what your educational background because you have been with Jesus! That is the only credentials that you need, nothing else matters, if you've been with Jesus! I know that right now God has placed Rochester, NY on my heart and I know that in each and everyone of us He has a city or state in their hearts! Ask God today, say, "Lord, I desire to do whatever it is you want me to do. I want your heart to be my heart, what you desire I want to desire. Father show me the plans and purposes you have created me for, where do I belong in your family? Lord I thank you no matter what has stopped in the past or what my background, that I am qualified to do what you have called me to do because through Jesus I am made

I am so excited to see what God is going to do through people who are hungry and thirsty for more of God! More of God in their homes, more of Him in their churches, more of God in their schools, in their neighborhoods! But in that hunger going out and making it happen! God has not called anyone to be a bench warmer, but He said, "GO!!!!!" (Mark 16:15) Where is your heart pulling you? Do it ask and GO! I know that if we as christians rise up and seek God with our hearts and separate ourselves from the things of this world and ask God for the nations, and do our part of not just praying but reaching out, we will see God move on the earth and resurrect hearts!
God, I pray that everyone that reads this would begin to hunger and thirst not only for more of you God but for your heartbeat, which is people and your fire to burn out those things in us that would stop us from reaching our friends and family and the nations! Show us Father where you have placed us! I pray for finances to be released to reach the lost, for business ideas, witty inventions. Increase in every area, I bind the spirit of fear and religion and I speak Godly wisdom into every heart right now! 

In Jesus mighty name, Amen!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Is it really better?

I recently heard someone say, "it is better to ask forgiveness than permission". This is a pretty well known saying and seems to be a overly used statement as far as people actually living by it. Don't lie we have all in some point in life done this, I know I have. It seems to be a pretty good thing to live by, right? Proverbs 14:12 says the opposite, it says that things that seem right and could be justifiable to a man are wrong in reality and can lead to destruction. Think of a time you have used this senerio in your life and it may or may not have been okay in the natural realm. Now think of a time you really needed some answers for direction in your life and instead of going on and just walking with God and waiting for those answers you applied this statement. What would happen if everytime we needed answers and had to patiently wait we just did our own thing. I was reading an old notebook today and was reading things that the Lord had spoken to me in times past and I had applied this statement instead of just waiting for the Lord. You know it has been over 3 years that He spoke that stuff and because I know the mercy and forgiveness of God would always be there (1John 1:9 He is faithful to forgive us) I didn't think there would be any harm in trying to do my own thing. Ha ha ha yes God did forgive me and loves me so much, but I had to face some harsh realities, did He and is He restoring me absolutely, but everything I wrote in my notebook 2 nights ago is exactly what He spoke for me to do 3 years ago and He has promised to restored dreams He has given. I have learned though that somethings that He has for us our for a season and if we don't have immediate obedience we lose certain things. And as much as that hurts us and hurts the Lord sin always has consequences. It's like you can't expect to not get burned if you don't listen and stick your hand into a fire! Now with saying all this God is ever loving and willing to take us back and love us just as much as before. But why sacrifice even a little bit of God's blessings for us? I don't know about you but I want everything He has for me and nothing less! So there is some food for thought for ya!

Who am I?

Genesis 1:27 Tells us that we are made in the image of God, does this mean just people who believe in Him, no  it says we all were, mankind was. 
  First thing this says to me is that we were created differently than any other creation, we were specially designed. It goes on to say in Genesis 2:7 that in order for us to become alive He had to breathe into us the breathe of life! Everything else that was placed on the earth was placed by His spoken word, but God himself, got down and sculpted us with His own hands to make sure that not one detail was missed. It's one thing to tell someone how to bake a cake an give them the directions on how to do it but it's another thing when you are the one getting your hands in the mix and making sure that every detail to the end is followed exactly. You finish with this cake that you have created and it is a masterpiece, perfect in every way, there is a sense of excitement! 
  The bible says in Psalm 139:14, that we were made out of reverence and heartfelt  interest from God we weren't just thrown on the planet and left to our own devices, but we were thought out and planned. Sometimes in life it is so easy to feel forgotten or left out and as humans we have the need to belong and to be seen. I know I have felt that desire my entire life, "who will love me for me; who I am?" I believe this desire is placed there by God for us to seek after Him. He is the only one who knows us even better than we know ourselves. Psalm 139 says it so beautifully, here is a King who has seen the heart of God and knows all to well how much God loves us. I encourage you to read it. The verse I want to look at is Psalm 139:13, it says that God has formed our inner most parts and covered us in our mother's womb. Wow! Imagine the God of all the universe, great powerful, mighty God, yet still loves us enough to form us with His own hand. 
  Last night I saw how well the Father knows me and much He loves me. He placed someone in my path, who didn't even know what He had been healing me from in my heart and she spoke to me exactly what He had been telling me Himself, but the main thing I realized was I had not been forgotten! Some of you probably feel how I had felt for so long. It had been years since I went to bible school, years since I was about to walk into ministry, years since I had felt the loving, tender presence of the Lord! I just kept saying last night, " I can't believe this Father, I thought you forgot about me, I thought those plans you had for me were gone, I was ready to live content just knowing I was still going to heaven! But the fact that you haven't counted me out in spite of all I have done and been through (which I will share in the future) speaks volumes to my heart and Lord I am ready and willing if need be to abandon everything and go after what you have for me!" The Lord just kept saying to me, "Restoration, restoration, everything I have placed in your heart in time's past for you to do you will do. You will accomplish those things i have spoken and have those things I have promised!" Romans 11:29 says that the gifts and call of God are irrevocable. They will never be taken away He is just waiting for us to stop walking around the mountain. We are the ones who forget, we forget ourselves, we forget His promises and we forget that no matter what God is our Father and welcomes back with loving arms wide open!!!!!!